Posted by Marlene Heller on Apr 19, 2022
In May we focus on youth, and your club should find it easy to incorporate the theme into your activities and projects. Let’s look at some ideas you can use as a jumping off place to plan your month.
Is your club associated with an Interact Club? This would be a great time to find out what’s going on with them. Maybe have a Zoom meeting with them before classes start, if you are a morning group, or treat them to lunch on school grounds, or invite them to dinner if you are an evening club. They can report to you on what they’ve been up to, or you can plan together to do a project over the summer months. When was the last time you worked together on a project for the good of the community?
Who’s planting a community garden this summer? This is a great time to recruit people to work in that garden, and middle school and high school kids are great workers! They have the energy and the flexibility to get there and expend energy sowing seeds and pulling weeds. If you live near a food desert, growing community gardens is a great way to get fresh vegetables into homes that might otherwise not have much of a selection. And it gives teens a safe place to be occupied over the summer months.
What’s going on in your local boys’ and girls’ clubs? Does your Y have an interesting program to tell you about? What about the local JCC? Look for speakers at churches and synagogues as well. They may all be doing something of interest that you can partner with. Ask your members if they know of unique or interesting programs that might be of value to your club members.
Does your club have mentors to offer to students in high school? This was a suggestion for Vocational Service month, being turned around for this month. High school kids are thinking about college and wondering what they should major in, and what schools to go to. Offering to have them shadow working members at their jobs, and discussing alma maters can help young adults with their future choices. Ask members to sign up as a vocational mentor and circulate the list at your local high school, or through the Interact Club.