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What Teachers Say about the Four-Way Test Speech Contest

From: Lynette Yetto, English Department, Central Bucks High School South, Warrington, Pa.:

     The Rotary Club's 4 Way Test Speech Contest, in which Central Bucks High School South participated this spring, proved to be a most rewarding experience for the two young men who represented the school.  While the speech's focus of applying the 4 way test to a specific topic or situation initially seemed daunting, as the students worked to refine their addresses, they realized the importance and relevance of the four components of the test.  They truly enjoyed developing their ideas into a formal speech. 

     Additionally, the forum in which the speeches were presented-a local Rotary Club dinner meeting-was an excellent experience for the South representatives.  Meeting and interacting with the Rotarians and then speaking to the membership provided a unique learning experience for the participants.  The 4-Way Test Speech competition is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Rotary Club, about current events, and, most importantly, about themselves.

                                                                                               Lyn Yetto                                                          
                                                                                               email: LYETTO@CBSD.ORG


 From: Robert Ruisch, English Department, Parkland High School, Allentown, Pa.:
     Thank you for providing an excellent educational opportunity for all of my students. The 4-Way Test Speech Contest allowed my students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a practical "real-world" situation. Even though entry into the actual contest was voluntary, many were excited and motivated to participate. I was proud of the effort of my students during their preparation, and I was thrilled to witness their presentations in front of a packed room with an audience that included fellow students, family and friends and judges from the Rotary Club. Without doubt, all of the contestants were impressive in their attire and speech and it is a memory they (and I) will have for a long time.

      Because this was the first time I had done this with any of my classes, I was not sure if this was a good idea; however, I am happy that I agreed to do it. You provided all of the materials and guidance including instructions, sample speeches, and evaluation criteria, and all I had to do was facilitate. Not only did students improve their public speaking skills, they also became a little more aware of the world they live in due to the nature of the speech. Although not everyone could finish in the top 3, I could see the pride on the faces of the speakers and the family members who, given the constraints of the classroom, would not have been able to see them speak in a formal, public setting. If it is possible, I hope to be involved with this speech contest next year. I applaud the Rotary Club for giving students an opportunity to display their skills outside of the classroom (and cash).
    Please feel free to use me to contact others who may be skeptical about having their students enter into the 4-Way Test Speech Contest. It certainly is a worthwhile endeavor.
                                                                                               Robert Ruish
                                                                                               email: ruischr@parklandsd.org