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Rotary Alumni
Rotary Alumni are anyone who has participated in any Rotary or Rotary Foundation program:
InteractRotaractRotary Youth Exchange, New Generations Service Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards(RYLA), Rotary Peace FellowshipsRotary Scholarships (funded by global grants or district grants), vocational training teams (members and leaders), Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange (members and leaders), and Rotary Volunteers.
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Rotary Alumni are part of an incredible network of leaders engaged in service around the world whom have benefited from participation on at least one of Rotary’s many programs. Our 1.2 million members are found in almost every corner of the globe, in almost every profession. Our Rotary District and Rotary Clubs can benefit greatly by staying in touch with Rotary Alumni and inviting them to join as a Club member or engage them in service activities and fundraising.
To connect with the Rotary community, Rotary Alumni need to register for a My Rotary account and keep their profile updated as they move through their careers.
As Rotary Alumni you can...
Connect with leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations
As Rotary Alumni expand your network and worldview by...
Create lasting change in communities around the world
District 7430 Rotary Alumni Committee
Assist your fellow Rotary Alumni to meet and participate in events and service project. Join the District Committee to plan and host events.
District 7430 Rotary Alumni Events
For More information, or to join the Rotary Alumni committee contact
Ron Smith   215-896-6870