International Service 


What is it?

International Service includes service projects and activities taking place between Rotarians and others in two or more countries.  It may involve projects funded by The Rotary Foundation Global Grants or by District Grants, but there are many other ways to connect internationally through Rotary.

You might attend a Rotary Convention, host a Youth Exchange Student, visit a club in another country, join a Rotarian Action Group or Fellowship, apply to be a member of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisors, participate in a National Immunization Day, attend a Project Fair, collaborate on a multi-country project, develop a sister-club relationship, and go on a Friendship Exchange.  Looking for more ideas for engagement?  Some are listed on, 

Please also check back as we add links to some projects that our own district clubs are doing


How can you participate?

District 7430 has formed an International Service Committee with the idea that it can work with Clubs and Rotarians to engage in ways to connect internationally through Rotary projects and activities. Members are a team of Rotarians who are available to help District 7430 Clubs plan successful Global and District grants and to offer suggestions about how to establish international relationships.

The International Service Committee is creating a District Resource Network of Rotarians who might have a special interest or skill that could help Rotarians and Clubs in planning, designing, and implementing a Global or a District grant.  Are you an engineer who could help with a water project in South America or a rain-harvesting project in Africa?  A medical provider or scientist who could help plan and design a cardiac unit in a hospital or a cervical cancer project in a remote village?  An educator who would like to help equip a school in Mexico?  An IT specialist who could design a computer lab for a facility in Nigeria?  A professional or hobbyist with a unique talent or trade who could help to train others?   A Rotarian who enjoys opportunities to help with unique projects?  

If so, we invite you to join the District 7430 International Service Committee. Contact our chair PDG Frank Romano  to share your expertise and knowledge!