Governor's Message February 2022

Welcome to February; Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Month. This is one of Rotary International’s Areas of Focus. Rotary supports training, education, and practices related to  Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention through initiatives that help transform conflict in our communities and around the world.
Rotary achieves these goals through partnerships. Rotary partners with The Rotary Foundation, the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Peace Corps, the United Nations, and the Cadre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution.
In District 7430, let’s ask how we can promote peace in our communities. How can we provide services that help integrate vulnerable populations into society? How can we create dialogues about how best to manage natural resources? How can we sponsor graduate scholarships for individuals who desire to work in peacebuilding and conflict management?
Our Project Showcase features Bill Hunter of the Bethlehem Morning Star Rotary Club and Nick Millward, who is currently the Peace Scholar for District 7430. Bill describes his work as Chair of our District Peace Scholarship program. Nick is a retired US Marine who tells us about his peace efforts in Mongolia and plans to attend the Peace Center at University of Queensland.
Our Showcase Tuesday features Martha Peak Helman, incoming Trustee of the Rotary Foundation, and Charlie Allen, Director of Partnerships with the Institute for Economics and Peace. Marty gives us an update on Rotary’s Peace Centers where adults learn to become Peace Fellows. Charlie is a Peace Fellow. He tells us about how Peace Fellows activate IEP’s positive peace framework. You can take the IEP course on Positive Peace at Peace Academy (
District Rotarians are planning projects, and service and fellowship activities. Please join other Clubs and submit a grant application now for a project supported by the Rotary Foundation. Register now for the District Conference where RID Valarie Wafer, Champion Speaker Darren LaCroix and Red Cross Executive Chad Priest will inspire you to be your best self through Rotary. Consider how your Club will grow membership and serve the environment in our Rotary Day of Service on April 30, 2022.
Here are more of District 7430’s achievements halfway through the Rotary year:
Category                                                  Goal                                          Achievement
Annual Fund Giving                                $200,000                                        $146,136
Polio Plus Giving                                     $ 50,000                                         $ 63,074
Membership                                                 1,746                                               1,735
I look forward to seeing you soon!

Showcase Tuesday Heading


February Showcase - Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, we enjoyed inspiring talks on Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention with Marty Peak Helman and Charlie Allen. They are top notch speakers!
Marty chairs The Rotary Foundation's Peace-Major Gifts Initiative and will serve as a Trustee for the Foundation. She presented an update on Rotary Peace Centers where Peace Scholars learn to become become Peace Fellows.
Charlie is a Peace Fellow, chairs the Peace Academy of the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), and is the liaison between Rotary and IEP.  He explained how Rotarians can implement positive peace in our communities. Learn more about Positive Peace through IEP's Peace Academy at Peace Academy (

Project Showcase - Local Peace Building Efforts

February is Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution Month. This is one of Rotary International’s seven Areas of Focus. Rotary supports training, education, and practices related to Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention through initiatives that help transform conflict in our communities and around the world.
This is a short video showing how two Lehigh Valley Rotarians are helping to promote Rotary's international peace building efforts... you'll even learn how baseball is a peace-building tool in Mongolia! Maybe a future Rotary Peace Fellow will view it?

Developing Women Peacebuilders in West Africa

D 7430 completed our first project in the ‘Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution’ area of focus this year: Developing Women Peacebuilders in West Africa GG1757637 (West Africa).  Emmaus Rotary Club was the International Sponsor, D 7430 and Allentown Rotary Club helped fund the project in our district and the Host Sponsor was the Rotary Club of Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria. 
Our goal was to train 30 peacebuilders in five West African nations (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon) to prevent and diffuse conflict in their local communities. We had 212 applicants for the program. We planned a week of basic peacebuilding skills, nine months of applying those skills in the community with coaching followed up with another week of advanced peacebuilding training. This is the sixth similar program of its type and the third completed in Africa. After the project, the peacebuilders roll into the global network of program alums, supported by Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), a Rotary Service Partner and trainers for the program
The major wrinkle in this project is that the pandemic forced us to move from a classroom environment to a virtual, Zoom-based program. Training content was shifted to half-day Zoom sessions though the nine-month field work went as planned. Virtual training worked but WiFi access and even electricity availability impeded our training with some students from time to time. 
Rotary has been a peace-building organization from the very beginning, long before it chose its other six areas of focus. Though Rotary does a tremendous amount to benefit the world and Polio Plus is one of our brightest stars, in a few decades Rotarians will look back at this time as when Rotary could see its biggest potential gift to the world is in peacebuilding. And of course, if the world needs anything, it is spreading and implementing peacebuilding all over. D 7430 Rotarians can engage in this work. Find out more at:
Rotary Action Group for Peace  
Institute for Economics and Peace, A Rotary Partner 

5 Reminders for Peacebuilding in a Chaotic World

Rebecca Crall - Areas of Focus Manager, Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention
Peace doesn’t happen overnight. Peace is built in small, consistent ways over time. This may often seem counterintuitive, and even unproductive, in a culture where immediate gratification is our norm. While the peacebuilding process is often quiet, personal and complex, it is also one of the most important areas in which to dedicate our energy and time.
Many of the world’s pressing issues have a strong peacebuilding component—pandemics, environmental threats, and political conflicts all can be looked at through the peacebuilding lens. While these challenges are complex, Rotary is well positioned to make a difference. Just as we have committed ourselves to eradicating Polio, we can also commit ourselves to a vision of building sustainable peace.
   2021 Peace Fellows walk through an area in downtown Kampala during a field trip in Kampala,
   Uganda. 14 April  2021. Find the story in "Rotary" magazine, August 2021.
Starting can seem complicated but if we break it down, it is doable: think local and commit to engaging over the long term. The work of peacebuilding is dynamic, but once you start to see the patterns in your local community, finding a solution will become more obvious.

Whether you are interested in working on a club project or you are thinking about a larger global grant or even a Program of Scale, here are five important reminders about peacebuilding that will set the foundation for strong, sustainable outcomes.

1. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Issues of peace and conflict are hard. They involve the messy business
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A Message from your Public Image Team - Fundraisers
Please be sure to check out the District 7430 online calendar for these upcoming Club fundraisers:
Harleysville Family Bowling, Springfield "Dine and Donate", Souderton-Telford Wine Pull, Horsham Pickleball Tournament and more!
Don't see your event here?  If the event is on your club's Club Runner calendar, all you need to do is check the block that asks if you want to share the event on the District calendar.  See this link for more details on this feature. 

Journey to the Next Million

Come Join Us
Journey To The Next Million
Foundation Gala and Recognition Dinner
Saturday, March 5, 2022
5:30 p.m. 10:00 p.m.
William Penn Inn
Food, fellowship, entertainment, recognition, auction, games
Come Support Our Foundation!

Club to Club and Friendship Exchanges

Interested in meeting other district Rotarians in a fun way and sharing ideas and passions for Rotary? Join us! We’ve been to Hawk Mountain, Peace Park, Michener Museum and Longwood Gardens. Recommendations of locations or suggestions are welcome.
There are also plans underway for a virtual cultural exchange with India. There are no set dates as of yet. The next "Club to Club" meet up will be in March or April; contact coordinator Dee Eng if interested in being put on the email list for either of these events.
The team is also hoping to restart Rotary Friendship Exchanges (RFEs). There's nothing specific to share yet, but you can Click here to learn more about RFEs.
Email Dee Eng or call her cell at 610-428-3355.
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March RI Theme - Water and Sanitation

With a monthly theme of Water and Sanitation for March, Rotary Clubs have a great many options to connect it to service projects and speakers. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Have a speaker from a local water company, with a focus on local water issues.
  • A speaker from a local sanitation company or municipal department could focus on the importance of proper disposal issues and the effect on the environment. What is the homeowner’s responsibility when it comes to keeping sewers clean, especially when it comes to disposing of household liquids and washing cars.
  • Do most homeowners in your area have wells or municipal water service? A speaker discussing how wells are drilled and maintained might be of interest to your membership. Why does the well at one house have chemistry so different from the one across the street?
  • Invite a member from Engineers Without Borders to discuss how partnerships with Rotary help to provide water and sanitation in Africa. The current President of Lehigh Valley Engineers without Borders is Clyde Odom (
Remember: Speakers who are not club members become recruits for membership!
Service Projects:
  • Start an “Adopt A Highway” service project in your club, to clean up a local roadway.
  • Begin a campaign to encourage homeowners to test their wells at least once a year to be sure they are maintaining safe chemistry.
  • Help to create a rainwater harvest system at a community garden

Club Welcomes 5 New Rotarians in January

The Warrington Rotary Club has added five new members since the new year. This was primarily due to the sponsorship of three of our members; Joe Bonargo, Meghan Schroder and Larry Stone. They simply looked for people that they knew through personal and professional connections who would be great additions to their club.
As we concentrate on growing our club, we focus on bringing in new members that see the power of Rotary and what kind of impact their passions can have to further the mission of our club and the betterment of our community. On the first Wednesday of January, we had the honor of inducting Mark Caldwell, a retired telecommunications executive who was sponsored by Larry Stone. Just two weeks later, our club grew by four more members. We had the privilege of adding Vanessa Mauer and Michael Diorka, who are both Warrington Township Supervisors. Also inducted was Stacy Wertman, who is a District Magistrate. All three members were sponsored by Joe Bonargo. Our club got a little younger that day as well, as we inducted Phil Mironov, a Political Director who was sponsored by State Representative Meghan Schroeder. 
We are very excited to work with all of these talented Rotarians in making Warrington and beyond better than we found it.

District Conference, Hershey in 2022

Chart Your Course and Set Your Sails for the District Conference scheduled April 22-24, 2022 at the Hershey Lodge.
You can register on the website at There are fewer than 80 rooms left so reserve your accommodations as soon as possible;”
Join the crew for a weekend to reinvigorate our post-COVID clubs, see old friends, and make new ones over chocolate and more chocolate... Bon voyage for a great Rotary trip!  This will be a Rotary fellowship with friends from Districts 7450 and 7475.

STEM YEA Fundraiser, April 30th

The STEM YEA Big Ticket Reverse Raffle Night is rescheduled to April 30, 2022, at the Indian Valley Country Club. Terry Hart, former NASA astronaut, will speak about his life and decision to pursue a STEM career. Terry served as a shuttle mission specialist and logged 168 hours in space. He said to Lehigh University graduates,“Throughout your careers, you will have many opportunities to be a member of a team focused on accomplishing something very new and challenging.” A diverse and multidisciplinary team will bring the STEM YEA program to fruition and we are gratified to receive his support.
Tickets are still available but only 200 will be sold. Your ticket will help to fund the STEM YEA program for under-served middle schoolers. The ticket has a base price of $125 and entitles you to a fun evening including hors d'oeuvres, drinks, dinner and a lottery ticket with a chance to win one of numerous prizes totaling up to $5000. Purchase your tickets now at  

STEM YEA - Volunteers Needed

Many of our Rotary Club projects require diverse skills. The STEM-YEA project is one example. This team is developing a four-day, three-night residential STEM Academy to be held at Albright College. “Astrobiology: The Search for Life on Mars,” is the theme, with a target date for the inaugural event of July 8-11, 2022. Our team’s mission is to provide an engaging STEM experience for under-served middle schoolers in our five-county Rotary footprint. The goal is for this experience to encourage students to choose STEM courses and careers.
Ten clubs from throughout District 7430 have members on this team, sharing their vocations in the best way possible: to engage, entertain, and excite young people. Scientists, educators, medical, and business people are sharing their professional knowledge and passions, which will demonstrate the way all these diverse skills join together to create a successful project.
Volunteers are still needed for the STEM YEA team who can provide marketing expertise with the Academy. We want to share our mission and message throughout our five counties. This is a wonderful opportunity to expose our local communities to Rotary District 7430.
Volunteers are also needed July 8-11, during the Academy, ensuring our student participants’ safety while on the campus. If you enjoy being with young people and sharing their excitement as they build rovers, helicopters and landers, please be in touch! Contact Mike Orbin, STEM-YEA chair (, or Gwenn Carr at for more information.

June 2022 Rotary International Conference, Houston, TX

2022 Rotary International Convention:  June 4 - 8

Registration is now open for the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston, Texas. Join us next year to explore what’s possible in Rotary, in Houston, and in yourself.  

Whether you’re new to Rotary or a longtime member, it will be an unforgettable experience. Learn more at 


Register and pay by 16 June to take advantage of the promotional rate of $425. Don’t miss your chance to Discover New Horizons at the 2022 Rotary International Convention!

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