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In the wake of a devastating crisis in Ukraine, a beacon of hope emerged from an unexpected collaboration between Rotary districts. It all began nearly two years ago, during the Zone 28/32 Conference in Toronto, where four past governor classmates initiated a dialogue that would set the stage for a remarkable journey of impact!

Aware of the opportunity provided through The Rotary Foundation Disaster Grants program, the idea of pooling resources to maximize aid took shape. With the enthusiastic support of then DG Len and Foundation Chair Cindy, the ambitious goal of securing a grant of $100,000, was set in motion. Pooling efforts with other districts, the collective strength amplified their impact. District 7430, though its contribution seemed modest, played a crucial role in making the full impact possible.

As the grant unfolded, tangible results began to surface. A mobile water filtration system, AQUASET-RO 1000, was acquired directly from the supplier. Medical and dental supplies, along with essential winter clothing, were procured and transported to Ukraine, reaching thousands in need.

The thermal clothing, in particular, proved invaluable in the harsh winter, providing comfort and protection to those enduring the bitter cold. Meanwhile, the water purification unit brought safe drinking water to villages between Mykolaiv and Kherson, benefiting thousands of residents.

Borys Bodnar, a Ukrainian Rotary member, attested to the significance of these efforts, emphasizing how the thermal clothing and water purification system were instrumental in sustaining communities through ongoing hardships.

Tony Preston, the project coordinator echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the undeniable success of the project, evidenced by the overwhelming demand for aid. While the exact number of lives touched may never be fully quantified, the impact undoubtedly spans tens of thousands, with countless individuals receiving crucial medical care and comfort during their time of need.

Through collaboration and unwavering dedication, Rotary districts came together to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. This story stands as a testament to the power of connection in Rotary and taking collective action in the spirit of humanitarianism.
Protecting Our Waterways
There is a new collaboration between the United Nations Environment Programme and Rotary. Through this partnership, Rotarians are encouraged to clean up, protect, and monitor their local waterways. The strategic partnership aligns with both the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Rotary’s environment area of focus.
The partnership “brings together Rotary’s community-based solutions and UNEP’s technical expertise,” RI President-elect Stephanie Urchick said when announcing the partnership in January. 
At the center of the partnership is a program enabling Rotary and Rotaract clubs to make commitments to the health of their own nearby waterways. Called “Community Action for Fresh Water,” the program encourages clubs to organize river cleanup days, raise awareness in their communities about the importance of healthy waterways, conduct basic water quality tests, and report their findings.
These locally based activities are crucial to protecting the environment on a global scale, says Rafael Peralta, regional director and representative for the UNEP’s office for North America.
To participate, Rotary and Rotaract clubs can identify a local body of water (river, lake, wetland, or natural reservoir) and commit to protecting and restoring it. They can then engage with the local community and other relevant groups to identify any major threats to the body of water and ultimately develop a plan of action in coordination with nongovernmental organizations, private enterprises, or government agencies.
If your club is interested in learning more, and perhaps adopting a waterway in your area, you can reach out to the District Environmental Sustainability Team for some guidance.
The District Pilot Pollinator Garden at Camp Edmar in the Kutztown area is thriving. The Kutztown Rotary Club led an effort on the Rotary Day of Service to remove leaves and weeds from the garden beds. It appears that all 130 plants survived the winter with no frost, deer, or rabbit damage. Our fingers are crossed that the bees and other pollinator insects will show up soon.
A big thank you to all the Rotarians around our District who participated in an environmental project this spring. Your work to clean up our communities, plant trees, and create pollinator gardens grows every year.  The District Environmental Sustainability Team appreciates all the work you do. We’re looking for more Rotarians to join our team. Please consider it.
Terry Reed
District Environmental Sustainability Chair
YEA! YEA! It’s time to Register for STEM YEA 2024!
Registration for STEM YEA 2024, our District-wide STEM event for rising seventh graders, has begun. The deadline for registration is May 1, 2024. Tuition for your sponsored student is $375. 
The event is being held from July 11-14 at Kutztown University. The theme is “Astrobiology: The Search for Life on Mars.”
Students are nominated by their schools and sponsored by their local Rotary Clubs. The nominated students should be: 
  • Motivated to learn in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Likely to enjoy and succeed in an overnight academy 
  • Unable to access STEM enrichment activities.
Please check our website for more information STEM Youth Explorer Academy | Home (stemyea.com) or contact Rolf Schlake (rolf.schlake@gmail.com) or Gwenn Carr (gwenn.carr@verizon.net.

It’s contribution time! Have you made your contribution to the Rotary Foundation? Your contribution enables us to implement projects locally and around the world. Please consider giving before June 30.
 The Rotary Peace Fellowship application for fully funded 2025 fellowships is now available for both our master’s degree programs and our professional development certificate programs. The application deadline is May 15. Candidates can learn more and start an application:https://my.rotary.org/en/peace-fellowship-application .
Let us have our District sponsor an applicant. You can contact Bill Hunter at wdh3@lehigh.edu
Our Rotary Foundation Dollars at work – International Projects:
Did you ever hear of the country Burkina Faso? Burkina Faso is in the Sahel region of West Africa. The Sahel region ranks among the lowest on the United Nations Development Program Human Development Index (HDI). For the first time, our District is supporting a global grant in this country under the leadership of Kate Hoath from the Souderton-Telford Club. The grant is helping over 200 (and more in the future) students in a middle school by providing: equipment/materials and installation of water for toilet blocks, including hand-washing stations with sinks, equipment/materials and installation of solar panels/batteries for the middle school, and books/desks for basic education. The project had been delayed for quite a while due to country conflict. We are now very excited that the work has begun. Way to go Souderton-Telford!
Our Rotary Foundation Dollars at work – Local Projects
Mental Health issues are being addressed by our Easton Club with “Mindfulness Matters.”
This is a project being implemented in conjunction with the Local YMCA to address mental health needs for children as well as seniors.


Inbox Zero?
When you send an email through ClubRunner, do you check your stats, to see how many of your club members are receiving and opening your emails? This is an important, even crucial, part of your public image work. What’s the point of taking hours putting together a bulletin or organizing an email campaign to your members if fewer than 2/3 of your email list will be reading your emails? (See image below for a stats report)
Within the last few months, ClubRunner has begun putting a warning on the home page of your website when you are logged in, after you click “Member Area,” letting you know that there are unresolved mailing errors. It looks like this:
Attention Needed: There are blocked emails that require your attention. As a result, some recipients may not be receiving emails. Review the Blocked Email list here.
It also appears on the District’s home page, so that I can see there are 42 pages of members in our district whose email addresses are blocked from receiving mail through ClubRunner. Some of those addresses have been blocked since 2016.
Some of the reasons for emails being blocked include names not being recognized by a business, probably because the member has changed jobs but did not update the email address. Many have marked Rotary email as spam. Several have spelling errors somewhere in the address. 
It would be a huge help to your club and your district if you cleaned up your club’s email list. During a meeting, ask your members to look at their profiles on CR and check their emails. If they have downloaded the CR mobile app, it shouldn’t take more than four minutes to complete. If they have listed Rotary email as spam, you may want to have another kind of discussion with the member; do they know they did that? Did they feel they get too many emails from your club? 
At the district level, we do try to keep the emails you receive to a minimum. If you are reading this, thank you. Your email is clear!
Marlene Heller
The Beacon
If you were at MAPETS in February, you were fortunate enough to witness Jason Browne’s “Uncheck the Box” presentation. It was a fun and engaging presentation that helped all of us see what practices we do in our meetings that may or may not make people feel welcome in our circles without making people feel bad. 
On Saturday, April 6, from 10 a.m. – Noon, our two zones (28 and 32) will host a Train the Trainer for anyone interested in welcoming outsiders and helping us to grow our membership. We hope you can join us.
Click below for the free registration. 
Countdown to Columbia! 34 Days Away!
The Rotaplast team is busy getting ready for its next mission, which starts on May 5th!
Please meet our team:
Mission Commander: Randy Floyd – Fleetwood RC
Quartermaster: Steven Kendra – Souderton-Telford RC
Ward Coordinator: Judy Bucko – Doylestown RC
Trip Historian: Darlene Scott- Souderton – Telford RD
PACU Assistant: Mike Scott - Souderton – Telford RD
Children’s Activity Director: Andy Johanson: Blue Bell RC
Patient Transport: Leonard Walter – Fleetwood RC
Ever wonder what happens on a Rotaplast Mission? You can follow the mission on the Rotaplast website. Here is the LINK to the most recent mission in Cebu City, Philippines.
Don’t forget to come visit us at the District Conference in the House of Inspiration! 
Want to help? We will be collecting teenie Beanies at the HOI to take on the mission to hand out to the kids
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