April 2021
District Events

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Welcome to Rotary District 7430!

Please plan to participate in the Virtual Tri-District Conference on April 30, May 1 & 2, 2021. 
Registration is $25 and NOW OPEN online   
This three day event will include:
Guest Speakers
Interesting & Timely Breakouts
Afternoon of Service Projects
Four Way Test Speech Contest
The Rotary Foundation Fundraiser 
Fun, Fun & Fun 
Exploring New Opportunities, Together!


Home Page Stories
The power of connection we have with family and friends in Rotary call us to action in our communities.  In this month's People of Action video we hear from three inspiring women whose connection to Rotary is deeply rooted in family and service.
Virtual District Training Assembly
Saturday, April 17, 2021
9 am to 12:45 pm
The District Assembly is for all Rotarians and Rotaractors who want to learn new ideas and best practices – especially incoming club leaders who are looking to strengthen their skill set(s). At this FREE online event, you can help celebrate our incoming club presidents, learn about steps you need to take your club into the future, explore ways to become more involved at club and/or district level, and meet members from other Rotary clubs.
Special guest Valarie K. Wafer, Rotary International Director, will be speaking on Creating an Inclusive Environment- Rotary's role in DEI.
On February 23rd clubs around the world will celebrate World Rotary Day to mark the 116th Anniversary of Rotary. This month's People of Action video celebrates Rotarians in our District telling their Rotary story of how being a Rotarian has impacted their lives.
What holds us together are Rotary’s Core Values.
Research Professor Brene Brown describes value as a way of being or believing that we hold most important.
These are Rotary’s core values:
Fellowship – the relationships and friendships that connect us all.
Integrity – when we choose what is right to do, not necessarily what may be easy.
Diversity – all people are welcome and valued to be part of our fellowship.
Service – the actions we take to help others.
Leadership – we show our leadership when we bring people together to act in service.
Living into our values means that we do more than profess them, we practice them.   The Rotary "People of Action" Stories being shared this year in the monthly videos show how we practice them in our District.  This month we thank DGE Bob, DGN Len and Diane DGND for sharing their stories.  We thank you for your leadership!
DG Janet Kolepp
ShelterBox has reached 200,000 people in 2020, bringing the total served since being created twenty years ago to over 1.7 million people sheltered. This was accomplished by the support of clubs and districts like ours. Sustained help enables ShelterBox to be better prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to reach families when disaster or conflict damages or destroys their home.
District 7430 has been recognized as one of the
Top 20 all-time Rotary District supporters of ShelterBox USA! 
Saucon Center Valley Rotary Club
Blue Bell Rotary Club
have been recognized as  
Top 20 all-time Rotary Club supporters to ShelterBox USA!        
Congratulations to D7430 and these outstanding clubs! 
Our work however is not done....
click on Read More to see where urgent help is needed.
The friendships and fellowship we enjoy as Rotarians continue to support the work of Rotary in our Clubs, District and around the world.   Watching the monthly videos and hearing People of Action stories, we realize the power of connection that continues to inspire us all.  I encourage you to take some time during this holiday season, and as we begin 2021, to reflect on your Rotary life and the opportunities it has given you.  Wishing you a most joyful holiday season!  
DG Janet Kolepp
click on the photo to view our People of Action video
The 10th annual 2020 Yvette M. Palmer Purple Pinkie Race to ZERO was a success! 
We are very thankful to all Rotary District 7430 Rotarians, their family, friends, contacts and donors as well as our corporate and club sponsors and the district leadership including the district Polio Plus Purple Pinkie Committee. Over $42,000 has been raised to date!
This year we had planned a race with different options including running, walking, cycling and after an Oktoberfest celebration. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we were unable to meet in this manner this year.